Familywize Provides Discounts on Prescriptions for Everyone




Free, easy to use prescription savings card can deliver significant savings to anyone, regardless of their insurance





United Way of Logan County and FamilyWize Community Service Partnership, an organization focused on improving people’s lives by providing access to affordable prescription medications, today announced that local residents have access to a free, easy to use prescription savings card that to date has helped over 11 million Americans save more than $1 billion on their prescriptions.

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No one should be forced to choose between paying for food, rent or medicine because of the high cost of prescriptions. That’s why we’ve partnered with FamilyWize to distribute free prescription discount cards to everyone in Logan County.  People in our community saved over $5600 in 2017  just by using the FamilyWize card and mobile app.”

FamilyWize cards can immediately lower the cost of medicine by an average savings of around 40 percent for people without insurance or who take medications not covered by their plan. Just by presenting the FamilyWize card or mobile app at their local pharmacy, customers save on the cost of their prescription medicine, no strings attached.

“So many people are struggling with the high cost of medicine and need help right now. The Free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card can provide immediate savings on prescription medicines, with no eligibility requirements or hidden fees,” said Susan Gilmore, Executive Director of Community Engagement at FamilyWize.

The Free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card can be used by anyone, including people without insurance and those with insurance who have high deductibles or take medications not covered by their plan.  The Free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card has unlimited use, does not require any personal information from the user and has no eligibility criteria.

To take advantage of the savings that FamilyWize offers, consumers can print a card from, can call 1-800-222-2818 and request a card to be sent to them, or can download the free FamilyWize app


About FamilyWize

Since 2005, FamilyWize has helped over 11 million Americans live healthier lives by saving them more than $1 billion on prescription medications. By aggregating large groups of patients, FamilyWize advocates and negotiates for deep discounts on prescription medications which it then passes on in full to patients. FamilyWize partners with some of the most respected community groups and health care providers in the country, including United Way Worldwide, National Council for Behavioral Health, Mental Health America, and American Heart Association, among thousands of other community organizations. To use FamilyWize download our app at